Innovation, Performance, Solution

Global Travel Software can be best described as a forward-looking and innovative travel technology organization seeking continuous growth opportunities. We are goal-oriented and operate on well-defined, written, and constantly reinforced principles of conducting good business. But flexibility to adapt to current business environments provides us an edge over traditional software development concerns. Our goal is to continue to be profitable and to be the leading supplier of travel technology to travel agencies and help their business to increase profits. We listen to our clients, develop standard tools, search and supply other partners software/tools in orders to keep our clients equipped with leading edge technology.

  • A2C - Airline to Consumer (Fully Customized)
  • B2C – For Travel Retailers (White Label)
  • B2B – Wholesales and Consolidators to Travel Retailers (white lable)
  • B2B2C - Wholesalers and Consolidators (Published fares, net fares, JCB CAT 15, CAT 25 and CAT 35).
  • XML API for fully customizable fare quote and reservation system
  • Commission/Mark-up Loading
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Database Hosting
  • SEO services
  • System analysis and design for Paperless travel office
  • Managed IT Audit and Support

About Our System

  • Cisco ASA based highly secure network.
  • Cisco routers and switches backed by a highly reliable network.
  • Web and database servers hosted on greatly proven HP redundant servers.
  • Firewall, routers, switches and servers backed by APC uninterrupted power sources.
  • Travel solutions developed using the most dependable Microsoft .NET technology.
  • A certified team of business analysts, technical writers, developers, QA, system and database administrators are maintaining the IT infrastructure.
  • A redundant 30 mbps internet line
  • High availability and load balancing using hardware load balancer. The Hardware load balancer makes our web servers capable of handling 1 billion hits a day.
  • Clustered web and database server hosting makes our servers available 24/7.
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